How do you pioneer a new marketplace for a timeless product?

Meet BarBox.

If there’s one thing we love more than problems—the kind of problems that can only be solved with plenty of creative strategy, brainpower and, if our production crew is involved, a high-powered saw—it’s the after-work drink with friends. A chance to unwind, glass in hand, and connect.

So when the pandemic hit (and the already rising trend in off-premises drinking soared to new heights), we knew we had to find a way to bring the local watering hole home. So we did—with a patented invention built 100% in-house.

A grandfather holding a baby
Our production capabilities aren’t just unrivaled. They’re uncommon.
- John Cornette
Chief Creative Officer

Content Engineering

Concepted, designed and produced entirely in-house, BarBox is a 4' x 8' shipping crate that converts into a fully functioning backyard bar in about an hour. Wired for lights, TV and music, and plumbed for a sink and ice chest, it makes at-home entertaining easy and exciting. But it serves another purpose, too: supporting the entire alcohol industry.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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