At EP+Co, we get to the good stuff faster and make more for the brands we love by bringing a rare number of capabilities to the table sooner. From first brief to final product, strategy, creative, account and production work together to avoid the miscommunications and complications that slow down results. No hand-offs. No stall-outs. Just one fully integrated team and belief-building ideas brought to life.

Brand Design

Brand Identity
Art Direction
Package Design
Environmental Design
Graphic Arts

Brand Design uses a visual-forward approach to concepting and problem solving and is a true intersection of concept and craft. While we adapt and activate different skills to suit the needs of specific projects or clients, our approach stays consistent: 

  • Create quality work that is ownable to the brand
  • Combine visual decision-making and strategic thinking 
  • Identify areas that are breakthrough for the brand/product category

The team is made up of an eclectic group of creative brains combining skills and backgrounds ranging from traditional creative concept to illustration and design. Together this team has the knowledge and skills to create unique and thoughtful visual perspectives.

Compilation of Brand Design Work
Brand Design
The text 5 Ingredients with nuts and fruit surrounding the text.
LÄRABAR – Raise Ä Bar to Real
Planet Oat shooting star.
Planet Oat - Branding and Character Development

Brand Planning

There’s no proprietary process that consistently gets you to great insights. There’s just great talent, rigor and resources.  Our brand planning team loves problems almost as much as they love finding solutions, and you’ll constantly find them discovering new articulations of brand purpose or differentiation, dissecting category conventions, unearthing consumer truths and diving into culture—all to unlock the next great creative opportunity.

Verizon EP and Co Austin Texas Unite Case Study
Verizon - ATX Unite
Morgan Stanley case study
Morgan Stanley - We Are Morgan Stanley
A woman smiling.
Havertys - Find Your Truth

Social Content

Real-time Social Content
Daily Social Content
Social Campaigns
Influencer Marketing
Cultural Consulting
Community Response

Conversations are constantly happening all around us. On Reddit. Via interviews. During live streams. In post comments. Conversations about the newest phone or the oldest member of BTS. Conversations between friends or between enemies. Conversations about an amazing touchdown or an unfortunate red carpet blunder.

Our team of social savvy creatives and strategists are constantly proactively seeking out brand-relevant social and cultural conversations to determine if our clients have an opportunity to join.

But we don’t stop at just finding the opportunities – we then formulate and execute buzz-worthy content that inserts our clients into popular culture in an authentic way.

Specializing in community management, influencer integration, real-time responses and identifying planned and unplanned social moments, our team helps brands capitalize on relevant moments in pop culture.

Chewbacca film still
Social Content
Child eating Denny's pancake
Dennys – Social
Deadpool 2 social content
Deadpool 2

Creative Insights

Creative Testing
Consumer Research
Brand Health Tracking
Thought Leadership

When it comes to creative insights, we got creative and developed our own in-house product called EPiQ.

EPiQ provides research that fuels strong Branding and Creative. You don’t want a research report, you want solutions. EPiQ believes that research is the journey and results are the destination. We deliver actionable insights at the speed of culture, through primary research, data analysis and a creatively driven POV to help you better connect with consumers and break from the cloud of competitors. For research details, pricing and reporting templates, email

EPiQ Overiew
Creative Pulse Overview
Consumer Personas
Personas & Segmentation Tool Feature
Consumer Segmentation
Creative Pulse white board and marker
Creative Pulse

Creative Concept

We take a blinking cursor and build worlds for brands. At EP+Co we attract some of the very best hybrid creative talent out there. We champion diverse thinking and creatives with backgrounds ranging from athletics to business, from design to technical writing and everything in between. But no matter the path they took to get here… they all have one thing in common: they love ideas. This group loves to work hand in glove with strategy to incept ideas from scratch.

Tumi 19 Degree EP and Co Case Study
Tumi - The Perfect Journey
Danny McBride holding a bottle of ZenWTR
ZenWTR - The #ZenPose Challenge
Larry the chicken looking at the camera.
Bojangles - Meet Larry


Product & Project Management
Agile / Scrum Methodology
User Interface Design
User Experience Strategy
Website + Microsite
Machine Learning + AI
Custom Software
Enterprise Solutions
App Development
Full Stack Development
HTML Emails & Digital Banners

Our Creative Technology team is a digital and experience team natively integrated into the creative advertising engine. We design beautiful, engaging, user-centered digital experiences based in data, research and user feedback. Our in-house developers, architects, product managers, devops & QA engineers build and ship digital products with the intent to disrupt, inspire & excite.

EP and Co Bojangles website screen - UI Design
Laptop near window
GIII - Website
Hand holding a phone with Live Valve app open
Fox Factory - Live Valve Mobile App


Live Stream Events
Custom Environments
Onsite Events
Product Launches & Showcases
Stunts + PR
3D Modeling & Dimensional Visualization

Our Experiential team brings brands to life with inspirational design visualizations and rock-solid execution. Our team of experienced producers approach all events and installations with a commitment to excellence, from modeling to permitting to final install. If the project calls for additional support, we partner with nationally renown vendors to ensure our brands receive the highest level of care and production.

EP and Co experiential feature
Woman looking at PUMA shoe
PUMA – Women’s Collection
Denny's mobile relief diner truck
Denny’s – Mobile Relief Diner

Connections Planning

Experience Strategy
Communications Ecosystem and Architecture
Consumer Journey Research and Analysis
Content and Social Strategy

In today’s cluttered media environment, the transformative impact of creativity is being sacrificed in favor of measurable efficiency. To combat this, EP+Co Connections Planning architects impactful brand experiences where ideas are enhanced by their environments—turning today’s increasingly complex media landscape into our brands’ competitive advantage.

connections planning feature
Consumer Journey Research
research photo
Denny's - Experience Strategy
Market testing
Men's Wearhouse - Content and Social Strategy

Media & Analytics

Media Planning & Buying
Measurement & Reporting

We help our clients win the daily share battle by integrating critical creative thinking and media creativity for stronger results. Backed by the resources of a powerful IPG network and integrated with an award-winning media agency, we design new, evidence-based media solutions to break through and connect with audiences. We celebrate curiosity and embrace the “messy middle.”

Havertys – We Furnish Happiness
TUMI – The Perfect Journey

Content Engineering

Set Construction
Design and Display Build
Camera/Production Rigging
Turnkey Production Facility
Fabrication Shop
Commercial Kitchen
Specialty Production Equipment
Storage + Material Handling
Production Design
Specialty Propping/Prototyping
Specialty Camera and Production Rigging

Great ideas don’t have time to wait, so we make them ourselves. From rapid prototyping and propping to building full-scale production sets, our team of master artisans pair dedication to their craft with conceptual vision to bring big ideas to life quickly.

We don’t stop with a working prototype or a sturdy prop. All of our builds are constructed to show well on camera, allowing us to move seamlessly from sketch to build to final content.

EP and Co content engineering feature video
Content Engineering
slot machine photo
Bojangles – Chicken Slot Machine
Lenovo art installation
Lenovo – Shift in Perspective

Content Production

Broadcast Production
Content Capture
Tabletop & Motion Capture
Docu-style Capture
Food Styling
Editing & Mixing
Sound Design
Motion Design

To ensure our clients always have the advantage of faster, more efficient and effective productions, we built a fully realized production division. Working either 100% in-house through EP+Co Productions or partnering with a range of best-in-class vendors, we deliver scalable broadcast-quality content for every screen — with more options and less compromise. Every creative project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best path forward, and no two ideas are ever executed the same way. Whether we tap an outside collaborator or look to EP+Co Productions for the entire project, our team upholds the highest standards for impactful work — from director’s treatments to set design and build, robot cinematics to photoreal character development.

Learn more about EP+Co Productions now
EP Reel
Content Production
A woman standing on a production set.
Bojangles - Own Your Roots
Sensa mascot for Planet Oat
Planet Oat - Oh What a Planet

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