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Nobody does real-deal Southern flavors like Bojangles. In fact, they make a chicken sandwich so good, even a chicken wants to eat it. So when the brand was ready to own their status as having the boldest offerings (and voice) on the block, we presented Larry.

The star of a comedy-fueled OTT, broadcast TV, radio and social media campaign, Larry is a representation of the fact that once you lay eyes on Bojangles’ chicken, you’ll do anything to get your hands (or wings) on it. And he was created entirely in-house.

From beak to tail, and every feather in-between, our team of animators brought Larry to life using computer-generated imagery and a whole lot of skill—the kind of skill it takes to give one animated chicken around 1.8 million (yes, million) hairs, 23,150 feathers, 53 bones and 107 joints, all of which work together to make Larry's every move look remarkably real.

Bringing an authentically funny persona to the brand, Larry puts Bo’s unrivaled values on display and reminds audiences everywhere that chicken this irresistibly delicious is just a drive-thru away. Unless of course you’re Larry.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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