There’s a New Chicken in Town

When Bojangles sets its sights on a new market, all bets are off. Case in point: their new and improved Bo’s Supreme Tenders. So EP+Co set out to make a lasting first impression with a strategic mix of product and brand messaging together in one spot, shot entirely in-house. The end result leaves no doubt about Bo's dedication to real-deal southern cooking. Because these aren’t just "okay tenders" or "pretty decent" tenders. Nope. They're Bo’s Supreme Tenders. And they’re good good.

Made 100% In-House

Produced out of the Mill, our 15,000 sq. ft. production space just down the road from our Greenville home base, this spot was a labor of home-grown love. From director, DP, producers and set designers to editing and finishing, all was built and created within our walls. This table top production was fueled by our newly renovated commercial kitchen and a revamped workshop that transformed a slot machine from relic to a chicken tender, Bo-tastic dispenser. Top-to-bottom an EP+Co in-house production at it's finest.

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