How can a brand’s southern roots be tapped to drive new growth?

Unapologetically own your southerness.

Bojangles has long been known for its southern flavors. But they had yet to receive the credit they deserved for their devotion to serving up delicious, made-from-scratch meals for their beloved fans and new consumers alike.

It was time for Bojangles to unapologetically own their southerness. Enter EP+Co and a campaign to launch the brand into a modern re-commitment to who they’ve always been and to start getting credit where credit is due. The resulting work is anchored deep in Bojangles' core attributes of real deal southern flavor—doing things right and going big while they're at it—because Bojangles is always bold, never boring.

A grandfather holding a baby
We believe the time is right to introduce our fans to a modern Bojangles
- Jackie Woodward
Chief Marketing Officer

Content Production

Bojangles production is a labor of homegrown love, from tabletop productions fueled by our fully equipped commercial kitchen to a slot machine transformed into a chicken tender dispenser in our 15,000 sq. ft. production and workshop space. Top to bottom, Bojangles broadcast content is made fresh in-house at EP+Co.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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