Helping Fox Factory Deliver Their First Consumer-Facing App

When a company like Fox Factory, the brand known for designing and manufacturing best-in-class performance products for mountain bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs and more, asks you to help create their first-ever consumer-facing app, you don’t miss a beat. At least, EP+Co’s Creative Technology (CT) team didn’t.
Working side-by-side with Fox Factory’s engineers, EP+Co’s own architects and engineers developed an easy-to-use iOS and Android mobile app to optimize rides for mountain bikers everywhere. Designed to pair seamlessly with Live Valve—Fox Factory’s most advanced Bluetooth-enabled suspension system for mountain bikes—the app allows riders to choose from five unique (and completely customizable) factory pre-set modes and monitor ride diagnostics and stats. What’s more? It also serves as one centralized location for bike profile setup, settings storage, embedded tutorials, system calibrations and Live Valve device firmware updates.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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