How to drive sales and create a memorable campaign experience in an exclusive category?

Create the Perfect Journey.

To launch TUMI’s 19 Degree collection, we needed to develop a campaign to broaden brand awareness and change perception from a brand rooted in form and function to a stylish, high-end lifestyle travel brand.

For our jet-setting target, travel is emotional and personal, so we told the personal stories of fascinating individuals traveling on their own “perfect journey” — an unscripted series included 19 unique films, shot around the world in partnership with 19 directors.

The films not only launched in print, an online digital hub and in OOH around the world, an immersive experience of each of the 19 perfect journeys went live with a screening event at the Tribeca Film Festival, where people could experience all the films together in a custom-built viewing dome. Having the product in the supporting vs. lead role was a drastic change for a brand best known for their attention to design detail and function among the traditional businessmen. However, the emotionally charged approach not only resulted in unprecedented collection sales but also introduced new audiences to the brand, leading to improved brand awareness and record views/completion rates.

A grandfather holding a baby
Views with limited media spend
Above planned quarterly sales
Increase in social following
Tap into the emotional side of travel through personal stories of adventure.


By unthinking the traditional production approach and finding the right partner in Tribeca, we were able to maximize a small budget and create a completely unique experience for our consumers. Tapping in-house experiential resources allowed us to curate every detail of the on-site festival experience and seamlessly bring the films to life.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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