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Strategies to Align and Activate

EP+Co’s Content and Social Strategy capability is comprised of three core offerings, which can be tapped individually or in combination as necessary:

Strategy Development

Our content and social strategies provide a roadmap for building audience relationships over time.  Through deep consumer, content and channel research, we develop an approach that is rooted in your marketing goals, differentiates from category and content competitors and, ultimately, activates audiences on behalf of your brand.

Playbook Development

We implement an evergreen strategic guide, updated annually, for the ideation, development and management of consumer-focused creative in line with the overarching content or social strategy. This document can include: an editorial calendar, measurement framework, sample executions, creative templates and guidelines for content distribution and governance.

Community Management

Our community management team effectively manages, distributes and tracks content while fostering ongoing consumer engagement with our brands. As the direct line of communication between brand and audience, they also act as platform and audience experts, constantly filtering back performance insights, platform insights and consumer feedback to the working team and our clients so we can pivot to take advantage of opportunities weekly or even daily.

A Tailored Content Strategy for Modernizing a Trusted Brand

Men’s Wearhouse’s brand promise is to act as “Confidence Suppliers” for men. For most of its history, that promise was carried by the recognizable face—and voice—of the company’s CEO, George Zimmer. With his ouster, the brand was left with a void that many believed would be difficult to fill. On top of the absence of a familiar brand representative, the brand struggled to remain relevant among consumers outside of the Baby Boomer and older cohort.

Upon winning the business, we faced a steep challenge: make Men’s Wearhouse relatable for consumers of all ages, with an emphasis placed on younger consumers. Our approach was simple: demonstrate that Men’s Wearhouse is the clothing authority for everyday men.

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Closing the relevancy gap

Consumer research showed that our prime target audience is not actively shopping for clothes, but rather is going about his life focusing on his work, travel, family and social life. When he is shopping, it’s often a needs-based purchase – either for an upcoming occasion or to replace yet another old college t-shirt he somehow “lost” along with the others his wife hated.

Despite this consumer truth, our content audit revealed that the majority of Men’s Wearhouse’s communications had focused on product and promotional messages. In other words, 99.5% of our messaging was focused on where our audience spent 0.5% of their time. In order to build relevancy with younger consumers and close this content gap, we needed a new approach to content that connected with men by offering solutions in the context of their daily lives and interests.

Transforming a clothing retailer into a consumer ally

EP+Co got to work on a content strategy designed to shift brand perception of Men’s Wearhouse as a well-known name, but not relevant outside of occasion-driven, clothing-related moments to an ally and partner who provides men with tools, resources and guidance to confidently navigate life’s journey. We developed a content playbook to guide the creation of content that solved daily-life dilemmas for men by telling relevant and engaging stories that leveraged our role as a menswear authority. Everything from lifestyle content to high-level styling tips and all the way down to the do’s and don’ts of dressing for prom were addressed in order to provide guidance for men looking to step their clothing game up a notch–or ten. In short, we created assets that supply modern men with a new sense of confidence in their everyday life.

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