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G-III unveils new corporate site

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The powerhouse behind over 30 licensed and owned brands, including some of the most recognizable and sought-after names in fashion, G-III is a best-in-class apparel group deserving of a best-in-class website. So we collaborated with the global fashion experts to deliver just that.

Leveraging a host of creative tech capabilities—like UX strategy, concepting and experience design, animation prototyping, development and QA—we helped G-III reintroduce their company online with a refreshed site that prioritizes scalability and flexibility. With updated typography, a sophisticated color palette and editorial photography, the new site experience embodies G-III’s elevated sensibilities while making room for the company’s fashion brands to shine.

Now, thanks in part to things like our atomic, component-based approach and flexible, customized CMS, the site is future-proof. In other words, EP+Co reintroduced G-III online with a web presence that’s perfectly tailored to expand alongside G-III’s business and portfolio.

  • Key user pathways help visitors navigate the site faster and easier
  • Customized CMS allows for seamless content updates as brands launch new seasonal fashion campaigns
  • A slick, interactive timeline encourages site visitors to explore pivotal moments in G-III’s history.

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