How can a heritage brand gain traction with today’s generation?

No Actors on Tractors.

When we began our relationship with John Deere in 2018, their most loyal fans were aging out of the market. So we crafted the Run With Us campaign to double as an invitation to join a community of Deere owners defined by their love and passion for the land. Because in a category dominated by rational conversation, we knew we could stick out by tapping into our most influential voices: The Deere Community.

Since then, we’ve featured real Deere owners in everything from print and social to radio and TV, with each year being more authentic than the last. And with over $6.5 billion in ag and turf sales in the U.S. alone, Deere isn’t about to stop running anytime soon.

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Create a community of owners linked to the land.

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While most insights come from research, data, and analytics, the most powerful insights tend to come from emotion, beliefs, and values. With more and more competitors entering the category, emotion had been stripped out of conversation and replaced with product features, price points, and promos. However, our audience’s behaviors and attitudes indicated there was more to their purchase decision than just the price tag alone: the desire for connection to like-minded individuals. Their alignment with brands that understand their needs and values. Their love of the land. An appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. Their stories and the love they have for the John Deere brand created a foundation for a movement: an invitation for others to be a part of a proud community of those linked to the land, and to find out why “Nothing Runs Like A Deere.”

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