Big Bo Xbox Series X

Console releases always create a frenzy as gamers attempt to get their hands on the latest tech. But with COVID-19 limiting both production and sales, the launch of the Xbox Series X was primed to be an even bigger flashpoint. Enter: Bojangles. Borrowing from their own line of legendary Big Bo Boxes, Bojangles and EP+Co's social team offered superfans a chance to win the "Big Bo Xbox Series X," a Bojangles-themed Xbox complete with Bo Box carrying case and two fried chicken controllers. Generating over 4.1M impressions and tens of thousands of new followers, it was the biggest tweet in Bojangles' history — gaining more organic engagement than every other post in 2020 up to that point combined. To build on the momentum of the giveaway we created four additional Xboxes, giving one to another lucky fan and the other three to select influencers to unbox and share with their own audiences, earning thousands of additional engagements and reaching massive audiences across social media, Twitch, and Reddit. By capitalizing on an audience that was as hungry for gaming as they were for fried chicken, it's safe to say that this was the biggest console launch in Bojangles' history — until the next Xbox.

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Kat Shafer

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