Columbia-based sports reporter Mike Uva accidentally received a Cajun Filet Biscuit with Pimento Cheese on a Bo-Berry Biscuit (instead of a regular, buttery biscuit), and a lesser restaurant could have swept it under the rug with an apology and a replacement. But Bojangles is no stranger to bold moves. And neither are we. So when hundreds of fans began trying the accidentally delicious creation, the EP+Co social team jumped right on the trend, shooting a broadcast-worthy response honoring what Mike's fans were lovingly christening "The Uva," and even getting it added to the menu in his hometown in Columbia, SC. With an official nod from Bojangles (and a corporate memo to a few confused franchisees), fans have ordered The Uva by name in 9 of the 14 states in Bojangles footprint — and counting. Meanwhile, Mike Uva has become an unofficial Bojangles ambassador, sporting a one-of-a-kind car tray and sweet tea tumbler made 100% in-house at EP+Co, sharing fan posts across social media, and even giving interviews about his secret menu namesake and newfound fame. With millions of impressions and thousands of comments (not to mention increased foot traffic and sales as fans flock to try the new concoction), EP+Co and Bojangles were able to drive this organic trend, "Unthink" a typical brand response, and act quickly to capitalize on an unexpected cultural moment.

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