So. Many. Pasobilities.

At Old El Paso, ordinary doesn’t exist. Tacos stand up all by themselves. Tortillas are actually bowls you can eat. And dinner kits have the power to turn any old night into the best night. So when the iconic brand asked us to help them connect with their target audience of fun-loving millennials, we knew just what to do: position the brand as an irreplaceable part of family gatherings, by showing the endless possibilities that exist for fun beyond the food when you look to Old El Paso. A strategic platform that helps people believe Old El Paso is the brand for turning any meal into an extraordinary experience, "So. Many. Pasobilities." amplifies brand truth. With creative that celebrates the brand's ability to bring people together anytime, anywhere — whether it's game night, a Super Bowl watch party, or a backyard birthday — each broadcast spot says Old El Paso is always there. With So. Many. Pasobilities.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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