Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Lee Brice Go Splitsies with Bojangles

Bojangles’ authentic recipes just can’t be beat, and every taste of their famous chicken sandwich is a rite of passage to the South. So when the brand asked us to help them promote two limited-time offers, Bo’s Carolina Gold Chicken Sandwich and Bo’s Barbecue Chicken Sandwich, we knew just what to do. Partner with two icons who, like Bojangles, represent the best of the South. Starring Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Lee Brice, the “Splitsies” campaign emphasizes one simple truth: Some things aren’t meant to be shared, but Bojangles isn’t one of them. With three spots produced in-house by EP+Co Productions, we put Bojangles’ bold personality on display and generated demand for the real deal Southern flavors that make people everywhere say, “It’s Bo Time!”

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Kat Shafer

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