Building a Ladies Room on Social with Summer’s Eve

Social media is ground zero for confidence-erosion — especially among young women. So, women haven’t engaged with Summer’s Eve on social media over fear of being penalized not just for having a vagina but for associating with a brand that’s all about vaginal health, too. Our mission? Help girls of every age own their space by creating an empowering and supportive social presence — a presence that helps women feel seen and supported. Instead of just promoting product, we rebuilt Summer’s Eve’s social channels to absorb some of the daily pressures women face. With a strategy anchored in social-listening, we deliver relevant, “edutainment” designed to destigmatize feminine hygiene while inviting audiences to get in on the girl talk. Now, the brand’s social presence is reliable, approachable and downright fun — appealing to the broad range of female consumers that Summer’s Eve targets and boosting brand awareness and engagement across the board.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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