The UPS Store Ships Gabby and Tyler

Gen Z content creators are known for entertaining, educating, and inspiring their audiences. Like the rest of the world, we watched as two such creators, Tyler and Gabby, found what just might be love during an impromptu street interview on TikTok. We “shipped” their budding, long-distance relationship right away. And set out to connect the two influencers by partnering with Tyler to send Gabby a care package using The UPS Store Pack and Ship Guarantee — which made sense considering the fact that we’re currently supporting the brand’s goal to engage with Gen Z in ways that feel genuine to both audience and channel. The UPS Store was the first brand to partner with Tyler and Gabby. Within 24 hours, we saw over 5 million impressions, 500k engagements, and coverage from Glamour magazine's news site partnership, as well as expanded reach and brand affinity.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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