Which Camp Are You In?

How do you launch a breakthrough product and inspire audiences to try something new? When Nature Valley launched their first savory bar in 2023 and asked us to ensure it was met with the same kind of excitement that surrounds their already-iconic offerings, we said sure. But we won’t just do that. We’ll give you a campaign that amplifies brand truth and builds belief, too by asking the world one simple question: “Which Camp Are You In?” Emphasizing Nature Valley’s ability to offer something for everyone (thanks to the new product), the campaign piques curiosity and drives trial by encouraging audiences to try the new Savory Nut Crunch bars. All while promoting the brand people know and love — the Nature Valley that believes Life Happens Out There for everybody. The Nature Valley that makes nature's energy accessible to all, this time in three delicious flavors, Everything Bagel, White Cheddar and Smoky BBQ.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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