Back the Bodega

During the height of the pandemic, New York City’s 14,000+ bodegas—owned mostly by first, second and third generation immigrant families—were facing permanent closure. And that wasn't okay with us. So, we leveraged our Allied In Art initiative and set out to raise awareness around the bodega’s role in the fabric of New York City.

Directed, shot and produced independently from one another—in collaboration with directors Jeff Schroeder, Waley Wang and Matt Vega, and production companies Residency and Los York—to communicate the idea that bodegas mean something different to everyone, the "Back the Bodega" campaign comprises three films that  highlight the people and places that make New York so unique.

Housed on a microsite developed by EP+Co, the campaign garnered national interest, earning coverage from Ad Age, Adweek, Creative Review and Shots.

We hope the message will continue to inspire New Yorkers to support their local Bodega—and remind audiences just how important these little corner stores really are.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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