:ratio Protein Has Strength in Numbers

When General Mills asked us to develop a campaign for their new :ratio PROTEIN dairy snack, one thing stood out above the rest. All. That. Protein.

Now more than ever, dieters are in search of high protein, low sugar snacks to help them achieve their nutritional goals. Our task was to get their attention with a protein-packed option in an unexpected aisle. So, we honed in on the most important factor to those looking for some help…the numbers.

:ratio PROTEIN’s best in class macronutrient numbers - a whopping 25g of protein to only 3g sugar - helps empower dieters to achieve their goals while adding some much needed variety to their protein intake.  

To entice consumers to leave the protein powder behind, we created targeted online video and social, highlighting the product’s powerful macros and delicious taste.  

There’s Strength in Numbers, and :ratio PROTEIN’s are the strongest in the yogurt aisle.

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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