Best-in-Class Packaging Meets Best-in-Class Production 

When Sonoco asked us to help them remind brand managers just why they work with the global packaging leader in the first place, we said sure. But we won’t just deliver a B2B video. We’ll deliver broadcast-quality content—and a personalized experience to showcase the depths Sonoco takes in delivering an elite tier of packaging for their customers.

With a small but nimble team, we staged a 3-day shoot across multiple locations in Orlando and leveraged our range of specialized capabilities to bring the creative to life 100% in-house.

From concept to production to post, Unthinkers collaborated to work efficiently, get the job done on-time (and within budget), and tell an inspiring story that proves Sonoco goes the extra mile to guarantee every single product has premium protection, no matter its destination. 

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Kat Shafer

Chief Client Officer

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